Remote Image Viewing or Image Hotlink

Here is a small list of servers or web hosting services that do not allow remote image viewing.  Please do not submit SSTV cams to worldsstv if your SSTV images are uploaded to these servers.

No Image Displayed

Help, My SSTV image does not show up on your SSTV Cam page.

NEW April 2020:  SSL Cirtificates installed.  http:// changed to https://
Image url's entered need to be pointed towards secured servers using https://

Sometimes the servers may be slow and will take a little longer to load the images or...

First check if you have the correct image url address.  The image url address should point to a jpg or gif image located on  your website.  The url address should begin with "http://" without the quotes.  The end of the address should end with the image name. Not "htm" or "html" An example image url address would look like starting with "http:// and ending with "jpg"  To test your image address, type or copy/paste it into your browser.  The image should show up if all is correct.

Image Hotlink Protection

Help I do have the correct url. I tested it as described above in my browser, but is still does not show up on your SSTV cams page.

The SSTV cams on this website uses image hot linking.  Image hot linking is when an image is displayed on a website such as this site and the image file is actually located or stored on another web host such as Tripod or Angelfire.

Some web host providers do not allow image hot linking.  A couple of these hosts are Tripod and Angelfire. there are several other providers who block image hot linking

Try hosting your page at

To test images for hotlink protection. close all other browsers to prevent images coming from computer cache and enter the complete  image url address in the form below. If the image does not show up, the image is most likely  hotlink protected.

I will remove webcams from the SSTV Cams List here if the images are hotlink protected or not showing up

The information here is the best I have come up with to explain what may be going on and I have not found any real solid explanation to it.  If anyone has more information to why the remote images are not showing up, I will be happy to post it here.

More information may be found by searching the internet using key words such as "Image Hotlink Protection"

I hope this information helps...

John de KE5RS

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